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Oregon Coast; where to go, and why!

Traveling is a huge part of my career as a photographer, and often times, I'm led to some of the most beautiful places Earth has to offer. Oregon Coast; gorgeously moody coastline following along the Oregon border. You'll find miles of coastline, cold and harsh winds, with dozens of spots to pull over and snap a few shots. I only did part of the Oregon Coast, roughly 96 miles of coastal driving. There are other stunning coastal towns and cities to stop at and in while adventuring, but I was only allotted a weekend to go where I went. When we had to go home, we started from Newport and traveled up North, ending our fun roadside adventures in Manzanita. I do recommend checking out places like Seaside, Astoria, Lincoln City, Florence, etc.

The first image I provided is none other than Devil's Punchbowl. Now technically this photo worthy spot is located in Otter Rock, Oregon. However, I've found the best places to rest your head are either a Airbnb listing in Newport or even snagging a condo at Little Creek Cove Resort, which is the second photograph in this bunch, a few miles north of Agate Beach. A must see spot is The Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport. It provides a perfect view of the ocean, a gorgeous close up shot of the lighthouse, if desired, and there are even tidepools you can visit and interact with if you follow the trail down to the beach. If you travel further up North, you'll come across Cape Meares Lighthouse and beach accesses up there. WARNING: when we visited 3/19/22, the road to Cape Meares Lighthouse was closed off and inaccessible. however there is a beach pull off spot you can get out at to stretch your legs and walk the small beach to comb for rocks or shells. In the winter months, the waves are more rocky and harsh so be careful if visiting with children and or pets. Continuing your journey up North, you definitely need to pull off at Oswald State Park just outside of Manzanita, Oregon. Only there will you capture that stunning coastline like I've provided in the last image. I love traveling the Oregon Coast and try to do it often cause I feel like to changes so much and drastically.

I hope when you adventure along the coast that you enjoy taking in all the beautiful scenic spots as I did. My husband, Austin, passed in January of 2022, and this trip was supposed to be a trip that we took as a family with our son, Wyatt. So instead of doing that, Our son and I spread small fragments of his ashes in these locations to memorialize Austin's love for the water. Stay tuned for more of my adventures!

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